NEA Spirit! Trumann Cheer

2009-2010 Trumann High School Cheer Team

In a year of transition, the Trumann Cheer squad has already been a part of making Wildcat history. The 2009-2010 team marks the first group to cheer inside Trumann’s new gym and the first Wildcat cheer squad to witness Trumann beat Newport on the gridiron in 33 years.

Beth Montgomery is in her fifth year as sponsor of the cheer team. Montgomery also heads up the theatre department at Trumann, keeping her busy around the school in Trumann’s first year at their newly built high school.

Trumann has long had a competitive cheer team, but decided not to compete this year due to the transition between moving from old to new high schools, and adjusting to the new routine has affected student life at the school. “We’ll be back next year,” Montgomery said resolutely.

Even without competing, the team has been quite busy working towards their performances at Trumann football and basketball games. The team cheered on the gridiron Wildcats to a playoff appearance this season, and made the trek with the team all the way to Dover for their first-round playoff game. The final game of the regular season the team was on hand at Newport, as the Wildcats downed the Greyhounds, snapping their 33-year streak. The team said they really enjoy the ability to cheer at football games, leading the already excited Trumann faithful in support of the Wildcats.

“We have diehard Trumann fans that attend games,” senior captain Skye Roach said. “They come early and wave flags.”

Now that basketball season is in full swing, the team leads cheers inside Trumann’s brand new and innovative gym. Standing inside the gym, fans could easily forget they are in a high school arena and not a college one. The gym promises to be a great home for Trumann athletics and much more for years to come.

Trumann senior captains Kayli Wright and Skye Roach

The Trumann cheer squad is led by the leadership from both of their senior captains in Roach and Kayli Wright. Both girls hope to continue in their sport after they graduate from Trumann this year.

“Our two captains are going to continue on in cheer and dance in college,” Montgomery said. “I think that is a very significant thing.”  Roach hopes to join the A-Team at ASU next fall, while Wright would like to cheer for UCA in Conway.

The cheer team has 12 members this season. Cecilia Moye rounds out the senior class on the team, while the squad boasts five juniors in Taylor Mincy, Hollie Goodwin, Jessica McClaughlin, Whitney Robertson, and Hillary Hammonds. The team also features four sophomores this year in Julianna King, Cilla White, Jazyme Nixon, and Siona Oats.

“We’re really close,” Roach said. “We’re together at two or three practices a week, but we’re together at work or other things too.”

Montgomery said she makes a point to get the team together outside of the work they put in cheering on the Wildcats’ football and basketball teams. The team also holds cheer clinics and helps with events such as Father/Daughter dances at the high school, and other events with junior cheer programs.

“We try and be role models for the little ones,” Roach said. “In all we do, we try and get them more involved.”

This year will always be remembered as a year of great transition and great excitement at Trumann. Through it all the Trumann Cheerleaders have kept going strong in leading the Trumann faithful in support of their Wildcats.


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  1. ths cheer is tha best.

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